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  • Gemma Wattret

Welcome to the Skills Community of Practice (Skills CoP) Blog.

Alongside the Skills CoP meetings, we are also launching a Skills CoP blog. This is an opportunity to have your say…… It may be a short blog on work you are doing, an issue in HE, an interesting paper you may have read or a workshop that you may have attended. If you are interested in writing a short piece for the blog please do get in touch.

So, what can we expect from 2022-23? Many of us will no doubt be re-thinking assessments in light of chatGPT and other AI software, and for ways in which we can reduce attainment gaps. I’m sure there will be lots more learning for us all. I hope that this Skills Community of practice will allow us to work together as a community and to share good practice for the benefit of our students and our colleagues.

Please invite your colleagues along to the Skills CoP and if you are interested in talking about your work at a Skills CoP meeting please get in touch with Becky or myself. We would love to hear about what you have been up to!

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